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Free Bingo

Undoubtedly, Bingo-Info.Net has got the best free bingo game on the net! It is a multi-player game and comes with its own built in chat so you can talk with other bingo gamers. What more could you possibly want?

There are a few other free bingo sites out there and some are definitely worth a visit and a try. So, you can either play our own free bingo game by clicking on the big red GO button located above to the right of this text, or surf around to some of the other top bingo sites on the web. Our free bingo is designed for fun, so you can pass the time without falling over bored, or fully broke. Since bingo in the real word is rather limited, and can cost you $20 or $30 dollars for an evening, a free bingo game online is a welcome alternative. If you're interested in playing free games for real money there are a couple of decent sites out there, but they usually cater to a more gambling oriented crowd with games like slot machines, video poker, and blackjack. My favorite site for these games is, as I've won free casino accounts from them.

There are some great free bingo sites around, but many of them require downloads, and all sorts of things that you might think of as rather unnecessary. That's why we here at Bingo-Info.Net consider our site and game to be superior to everything out there right now. Take a look at some of the site's with free bingo that we consider to be the leading runners up:
- requires an extensively detailed registration - again, free, but again, immensely long sign up process. Yikes, what do you DO with my zip code people?!? I'm sorry, but I just don't see the relationship between me wanting to play bingo and the direct mail industry!

I think the problem with many of these free bingo sites is that they had intentions to make a million dollars off of advertising, and when they realized they couldn't they tried to develop into a payment based site, but still don't really have much to offer. There must be a crowd of players online who are looking for a game they could make some money off of, but I imagine the majority of those people would be more interested in keno or some other casino style game. If you play at a free site and feel it's on the up and up, doesn't bombard you with advertisements, and is a fun time, please email me to let me know about it.
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