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Christmas Bingo Cheer!

Come and enjoy some Christmas bingo cheer at -- We welcome you into our little club with glad tidings at this time of year. Enjoy the free bingo game, and meet some new friends in our chat. The chat is built right into the games, so you don't need to split your attention too much! Christmas and bingo have never been so happy together.

The reason for all of this Christmas bingo brew-ha-ha is because of last year on our site. I invited everybody in my family to join me for a game of multiplayer bingo, and before we knew it, there was a party going on right inside the game! Some things are just better with friends and family, and few would argue that bingo isn't better with friends.

So this year, I wanted to invite all of my visitors to do the same, send out a big invitation to your friends and family to join you in a big multiplayer game of bingo. If your family is anything like mine, it will feel like a big reunion. As a matter of fact, a digital reunion may help you put off travelling across the country for a real family reunion!

To further my efforts, I've put together a link or two to some Christmas cheer sites. The more ideas for the holidays the better right? I barely remember what I did before I had the Internet at christmas time, I use it for everything! I research all my gifts online, I find out how to put together amazing dinners online, I contact my friends and family through it, I play christmas bingo on it!! By that I mean, instead of a line or X, you have to make the shape of a Christmas tree on your card to win! Great holiday entertainment.

Here are some great Christmas sites for you to enjoy the season with:

Hosting a Healthy Holiday Feast
Christmas cheer screensaver
Snowey Scenes - careful, sound!
Holiday Bingo page
Santa Bingo!
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