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Welcome to the world's most friendly bingo site! We try to live up to that claim by providing you with information on every facet of the game available, without ignoring what you probably came here to do, play bingo! Besides our great free bingo game you can find information on supplies, land based bingo hall locations, clubs, cards, rules, everything! Best of all, it's all free!

Chances are, if you found your way here, you're as big a fan of the game as I am. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the game by my family when I was quite young, and have always enjoyed the culture and comfort of the old hall. The times they are a changing though and we've got to keep up with the Joneses! I figured if I design web pages all day every day anyway, why not make my own site based on my own love? So here it is, the bingo site made outa love! So to build this site was a bit of a challenge. I had to do some research into the different ways people approach and look for bingo related stuff online. There is a defined split between people of the old mindset and those of the digital generation. The former crowd is just getting into the Internet, and seem to look for things in the context of their weekly bingo game. These folk are out and about trying to find fun or different cards, daubers, paraphernalia, anything full of fun. The second group are hip to the groove of what the net is in this new century, an entertainment playground. These guys and gals are out for a good time, something that tickles their fancy, like, say, a free bingo game?!? Right! So here we are, a page to do with cards, daubers, fun, free games and all that stuff!

Now it's entirely possible that building this site from scratch has allowed for some mistakes and omissions; that's where you come in. If you would like to see improvements, different or added content, or just some cooler stuff, I'd be happy to take suggestions. The graphics, html and content of this site are my proud creation. The programming on the bingo game was some other smart people (you know who you are!), and they did a great job! The game is fast and exciting, with chat, multiple cards, and networked play!

So welcome to my site, make yourself comfortable, pull up a chair and pull out a lucky charm because it's time to play!

Choosing a home-grown, Australian online casino with the best Aussie slots

For many people there is nothing like playing some online casino games to get that feeling of being on top of the world. You can find some of the best Aussie slots on an online casino so signing yourself up should not even need a second thought. The beauty of choosing a site that is aimed specifically at an Australian audience is that you know the service you receive will be up to the standards you have come to expect. Australia has some strict laws involving gambling so it's best to be on the safe side and stick to online casino games and the Aussie slots that they provide.

Signing up to any of the services you find online will only take you a few minutes, you simply enter some personal details and download any applicable software and you are ready to go. If you want to begin by simply learning a few new games or finding the perfect slot machine for you then try out the free casino to see what they have to offer.

If you want to head straight for the real money tables and machines then you will need to deposit some funds. If you are using a site based in Australia then you already know that the payment methods available will be tailored to your needs. Do not be surprised if you can transfer money straight from your bank account into theirs. It is this kind of instant deposit system that makes online gambling such a wonderful experience.

Playing only the best poker rooms

With the world wide boom of people wanting to play online poker, there has been an influx of companies starting online card rooms to try and satisfy the needs of the public. The problem comes in when there are so few companies who actually have experience in running card rooms and end up with a long list of unhappy customers who are no longer interested in the game. What new players really need is a place that they can get up to date information that is not only useful but also honest. There is one place that shines out above every other:

Although the site is mainly aimed at players from Canada there is just so much information there that it is a vital resource for players from all over the globe. For new players there is a vast resource of rules, etiquette, betting strategies and even odds tables. This will help you really get to know the game before you even sit at a table. For the more experienced player there is up to date news and reviews of all the latest Poker Stars happenings and software.

Poker is a game that is part chance and part skill. By making the most of resources such as this you will be giving yourself as much of an advantage on the tables as possible. Playing poker online does take some of the skill of reading your opponent away but you still have obvious betting patterns to go on, you just have to know what they are.

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